Backup Agents

Standard Edition

Standard edition is designed to backup mapped drives and is normally used on computers, although it can be used on servers. The computer must remain logged in during the backup.

Server Edition

Server edition is the most robust and is recommended for most installations.  Backups will run even if the computer is logged out of Windows.  This edition cannot backup mapped drives.

Exchange Edition

Exchange edition allows you to backup and restore Microsoft Exchange mailboxes and their contents (individual emails, contacts, calendar entries, etc.) without effecting performance.

Linux/Unix Edition

Unix & Linux edition is compatible with Linux kernel 2.2 and above. If your platform is not supported, eSilo can create a custom agent. There is no user interface for this edition which uses conf files and cron jobs.

One-click Backups and Restores

The eSilo backup agent allows you to create and manage backup schedules, view everything you’ve backed up, and restore one file–or all files–with one simple click.

To create a backup, select the files and folders you want to include (or exclude) on the left.  Files can also be dragged and dropped between the left and right (“Local Files” and “My Silo”) windows.

Features of the eSilo backup agent include:

  • Ability to perform an immediate backup (“Backup Now”)
  • One-click file or folder recovery (“Restore”)
  • Support for multiple users
  • Support for multiple schedules per user
  • Daily backup reports and email notifications
  • Designed for minimal performance impact
  • No disk fragmentation, RAM used for temporary storage

eSilo Storage Silo Tree