Executive Assistant


Position Overview

Job Type: Part Time, remote
Reporting Relationships: Reports to CEO/Owner
Business Hours: Mon – Fri 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Expected Hours: Flexible, between 10-20 hours per week
Compensation: Competitive hourly wage based on experience, plus opportunity to earn performance based bonuses

Role Summary

eSilo is currently seeking an Executive Assistant to assist the CEO with a wide range of administrative functions. Core responsibilities of this role fall into four main categories:

  • light bookkeeping tasks such as customer invoicing and accounts receivable management
  • light video editing and social media (LinkedIn) activity
  • sales and networking meeting preparation and follow-up
  • email and calendar management

Exceptional candidates for this role will be hyper-organized, diligent with follow-ups and action items, and able to rapidly learn, execute, and manage a multitude of tasks across a wide range of projects. To be successful in this role, you must be a creative problem solver who is accustomed to resolving potential issues before they arise, and without being asked. Exceptional communication, time management, and prioritization skills are a must. This person should also have experience working in an office environment supporting a team, in a fast-paced start-up environment, or in managing their own successful business venture(s). You must be extremely comfortable with technology, and able to learn independently in an environment that is dynamic and 100% remote. Excellent candidates will be adaptive, flexible, and able to deliver consistently in a dynamic business context, while maintaining the confidentiality of Company information and operations.

Reporting Structure

This position reports directly to the CEO, however, there is also a tight integration with the Operations Assistant (who is the previous Executive Assistant).


The day to day responsibilities for this role are dynamic and subject to change based on CEO’s needs and priorities, however the following serves as a core list to start from. You should feel comfortable performing at least 70% of the items below, which allows room for additional learning and growth in this role. The four buckets of responsibilities are listed below in priority order.

  1. “Light” Bookkeeping Invoicing, & Accounts Receivable
    • Must be familiar with Quickbooks Online (QBO) “Essentials” edition and use of recurring transactions, tags, custom fields and custom reports.
    • Send daily client invoices using recurring transactions and data from Clickup.
    • Log client receivables. Manage and match “Bank Transactions” in QBO.
    • Follow-up on aged AR balances (>30 days) via phone and email.
    • Handle billing preferences and profile updates as needed.
    • Manage collections process with external agency and/or external collection attorney
    • Maintain an Excel based financial tracker for CEO using data from QBO reports.
  2. “Light” Video Editing / YouTube / LinkedIn
    • Must be familiar with Veed.io or bring your own video editing platform such as Adobe.
    • eSilo’s videos serve various purposes and may be used for YouTube #shorts, webinars (>45 min), marketing/branding (<5 min), etc.
    • Edit raw video footage (ex: add subtitles, trim segments, add transitions, icons, graphics, CTA, etc.)
    • Leverage existing eSilo templates in Veed and Canva + your own creativity.
    • Create engaging video thumbnails.
    • Follow eSilo’s existing style-guide for colors, fonts, etc.
    • Write SEO optimized video titles, descriptions, and tags with help from generative AI.
    • Post videos, thumbnails, and SEO optimized descriptions to YouTube.
    • Manage entire video editing process & workflow in Clickup.
    • Create LinkedIn posts (for eSilo and eSilo’s CEO) to share videos and other press/PR.
    • Engage in comments, likes, or DM’s as eSilo or eSilo’s CEO.
  3. Sales Ops and Networking Meeting Follow-ups
    • Assist CEO to systematize most aspects of sales process to facilitate delegation of work.
    • Upon instructions from CEO, send follow-up emails / make phone calls as needed.
    • Update and resend proposals and agreements as instructed (Hubspot).
    • Prepare contracts for e-signature (PandaDoc). Follow-up until contracts are signed.
    • Call to confirm appointments as needed, or chase down documents before meetings.
    • Keep eSilo systems up to date as deals move through the sales process / lifecycle.
    • Perform periodic audits of systems to ensure deal and client info is up-to-date.
    • Identify new events / meetings for CEO to speak at or attend to further growth goals.
  4. Email and calendar management
    • Review CEO emails at least 2x daily (in Google Workspace, but you may use Outlook).
    • Escalate any high priority items for immediate attention / action.
    • Maintain existing automatic email filtering rules. Continuously improve so that 90% of emails are automatically handled by filters (Google Workspace).
    • Proactively schedule meetings and manage scheduling conflicts on CEO calendar.
    • Reply to emails and invitations on behalf of CEO as necessary.
    • Maintain the utmost security and confidentiality in everything you do.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Bookkeeping – 50% reduction in outstanding AR balances within first 3 months.
  • Videos – Post at least 2 videos per month that achieve >1,000 total views on LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • Cycle Time / Response Time – <24 hour response time to any request, client or prospect.

Future Possibilities and Career Development

  • eSilo is a merit-based organization. We value WHAT you do, but also HOW you do it. Because we are a small team, your contribution to a positive team culture is of utmost importance.
  • Successful Executive Assistants may progress to full-time work (40 hrs/wk) and/or other roles in the organization such as Operations Assistant or Operations/Business Manager.

Personal Development and Training

  • A communication style profile (DISC) will be conducted at the time of hire. Additional profiles or assessments may be completed during your work.
  • Company sponsored training may be available for any skills needed in this role.
  • Professional Development 1-1 meetings with CEO will be held at least twice a year.
  • A formal performance appraisal will be conducted at least annually. This will be used to inform bonus payouts and performance eligibility.

Personal Attributes and Qualifications

  • Minimum of 3 years of work experience in an office or military administrative setting, in roles that perform similar work such as executive or administrative support, project management, office management, or other supporting role that is similarly process-heavy and critical to management (i.e. your boss considered you their “right hand”). Experience as a business owner of your own ventures is a huge plus.
  • You get ‘excited’ to explore new software & tools. You self-learn what you don’t know, and comfortable using / learning / teaching others on the tools listed below.
  • You’re a diligent problem solver, willing to see problems through to complete resolution.
  • You’re an effective influencer, who builds and leverages relationships to get things done, not by exerting power over others.
  • You are routinely told you’re the most organized person around, and it is a source of pride.
  • You are often told you accomplish three times (or more) of what “normal” people do in a week, thanks to your ruthless prioritization and time management skills.
  • Saying ‘No’, politely, is never a problem for you.

Systems We Use

  • Must Know:
    • Quickbooks Online Essentials Edition
    • Canva
    • Hubspot – CRM, Sales, Marketing, Service Starter Hubs
  • Must Learn:
    • Clickup
    • Veed.io
    • PandaDoc
    • Google Workspace / Google Suite of Tools
    • Google Chat and Meets – for real-time internal communication
    • Softphone
  • Bonus points if you are skilled in:
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft Powerpoint
    • Google Gemini / OpenAI’s ChatGPT
    • Automation tools such as Zapier, IFTT, and others
    • Light coding and/or scripting skills

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