There is no mystery about whether an organization should backup their data, although how that should be accomplished remains in dispute. One undisputed fact is that vital data cannot remain onsite, thus requiring a means of transport to a second location. The goal is to cost-effectively, securely and reliably transport information off-site to protect businesses from data loss. Recent natural disasters and regulations have made everyone think twice about managing their backups locally.


256-bit AES encryption for all communications and stored data.


Data is Stored at Multiple Data Centers ensuring Redundancy.


eSilo’s UltraZip gets compression ratios as high as 90%.


Store an unlimited number of revisions and restore files to exactly how they were on day “X”


Set and forget it technology. No tapes, no equipment and no hassles.


No licenses, setup charges or software costs. Pay for what you store.

Data Backup and Storage Provider Since 2002

eSilo’s backup technology was designed with security as a priority. All data sent to eSilo is encrypted prior to transfer, with a private customer key, and is sent through an encrypted internet connection. We use 256-bit AES encryption for data and communications which is simply unbreakable.

Not only is your information safe from prying eyes, eSilo uses the internet as the vehicle of transportation. This is far more reliable and efficient than other forms transport: such as plane or truck. No one can “steal” your data along the way, like one could if you shipped tapes. Moving at fiber optic speeds beneath land or sea, eSilo secures your data in redundant locations.