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20 Years of Proven Experience

Since inception, we have helped thousands of businesses automate their data backups and restore millions of lost or corrupted files.  Our proven track record of success compels our customers stay with eSilo 3x longer than the industry average.

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Mission Statement

Through proven technology solutions and unparalleled personalized support, we give our customers confidence and peace of mind knowing their vital information is protected and secure with eSilo.

Vision Statement

We aim to grow our influence as a trusted service provider that protects and accelerates small business growth. We can streamline your business operations, increase profitability, and maximize value for your customers, all by making the technology you use everyday more accessible, understandable, and easy to use.


In an industry where vendor hopping is the norm, we are grateful and proud to retain our customers for nearly a decade. This incredible retention is due in part to a shared commitment by our team to a simple set of core values behind everything we do:

  • Safeguarding your data – and your business
  • Simplifying your user experience
  • Embracing modern, open source technologies
  • Building strategic partnerships for long-term growth

  • Delivering maximum value through our services

  • Teaching you what “great IT” looks like

Cathy Miron, CEO

Cathy is a seasoned business leader and digital technology strategist. Her 15 years of experience in risk management, operations and enterprise IT propel eSilo.  Prior to eSilo, Cathy led digital transformation initiatives at General Electric (GE) and held various positions including CTO and Chief IT Audit Executive.  She is a graduate of GE’s Corporate Audit Staff and Chair of the Palm Beach Tech HR Council. She holds a B.S. in Information Systems, Operations, and Finance from Boston College.

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Cathy Miron

Strategy & Growth

Cathy’s a builder and an optimizer. She drives product strategy, manages operations, and grows our reach through sales and marketing.

Jeremy Smith

Infrastructure & Operations

Jeremy’s an open source evangelist and all around IT guru. He started as a software developer and now manages our day to day IT operations.

Danny Padron

Web & Customer Support

Danny is a software developer and customer support engineer. Previously a 3D game designer and Geek Squad member.

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You don’t need technical knowledge to use our backup systems. We’ll know the right solution and handle all the technical stuff for you. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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