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At eSilo, we understand the importance of regulatory compliance, and how difficult it can be to achieve for the first time. Add to that the worry of an impending audit or compliance review, and it’s enough to put you over the edge. To help our clients eliminate this stress and uncertainty, we are thrilled to introduce our 100% Risk-Free Audit Guarantee.

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What Does It Cover?

If your organization is the subject of an external audit or regulatory compliance examination and receives a fine or sanction due to lapses in the cybersecurity control framework or program that has been provided by eSilo, we will support and defend you, at no additional expense, until all deficiencies have been corrected.

What Must I Do to Qualify?

At eSilo, we take pride in being your trusted partner for the long-haul. Our clients succeed when everyone shares a commitment to achieve collective goals.  This 100% Risk-Free Audit Guarantee is our way of putting our money where our  mouth is and to demonstrate the level of commitment we have to our clients.

To benefit from our one-of-a-kind offer, we ask that you:


Maintain an active monthly Cybersecurity or Fractional CIO/CISO agreement.


You are an eSilo client in good standing and have been for at least three prior months.


You promptly and consistently address all action items and recommendations.

To remain eligible, you must maintain a track record of prompt gap closure and remediation

Move Forward With Confidence

We believe in walking the talk. From day one, our experts collaborate closely with your team, ensuring your cybersecurity program aligns seamlessly with evolving compliance and industry requirements. Should your organization face any sanctions or fines due to lapses in our recommended program, eSilo will step in to make it right – at additional cost to you.

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