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FAQ Introduction

This FAQ is designed to answer questions from prospective customers. Generally these questions are concerning product and service details. Also, please feel free to contact eSilo directly for any questions or concerns. For “How To” articles, videos and tutorials, please visit the eSilo Knowledge Base.

FAQ Categories

What are your invoicing and payment terms?2020-08-20T15:08:42-04:00

We invoice monthly for our subscriptions, although annual customers prepay and receive only one invoice each year. Our standard payment terms are usually Net 15 or 30. Late payments may be subject to a 1.5% late fee at our discretion.

Who do I contact about a question on my invoice?2019-02-23T01:36:48-05:00

Contact our Accounting team at billing@esilo.com or 800-747-9255.

How do I restore a file or many files?2019-02-20T05:49:34-05:00

We offer easy 1-Click restores. Simply log into your account on eSilo Backup on any Windows machine, navigate to the file you want to restore from “My Silo” on the right hand side, and click the Restore button. It’s that easy. You’ll be prompted for a location to save your restored file(s), and they will be instantly restored in a dated and timestamped “eSilo Restore” folder.

What payment methods do you accept?2019-02-20T05:49:42-05:00

We accept payment via check, ACH (e-check), debit and credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, and Discover).

Do you sell exclusively through Partners and Resellers?2019-02-20T05:49:46-05:00

No, you may sign up for our services directly without purchasing through a reseller.

How can I find a Partner or Reseller near me?2019-02-23T01:37:29-05:00

To find a partner or reseller near you, contact us at info@esilo.com.

Where can I learn more about Partner and Reseller opportunities?2019-02-23T01:40:54-05:00

We have many different partner and reseller incentives. To learn more about our programs, contact us at 800-747-9255 or partners@esilo.com.

Do you have pricing packages aimed at individuals?2020-08-20T15:10:09-04:00

eSilo works with businesses of all sizes, although we specialize in small to medium sized businesses.  We do have plans geared towards solopreneurs and smaller offices, starting as low as $22/mo!

Where can I find information on error types and how to fix them?2020-08-20T15:15:48-04:00

Our Knowledge Base includes many helpful articles including common errors and how to resolve them. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always contact our support team at support@esilo.com or 800-747-9255 for personalized support.

For customers on file-based backup, common causes of errors include files locked by the operating system or in-use applications, large file sizes in excess 64GB, invalid permissions, or invalid system characters in file names.  If this is a common problem for you, it may be a sign that you should upgrade to our full-image backups powered by Veeam.  With full machine backups, most of these errors are eliminated as all backups are snapshot-based and fully integrated with Windows VSS (volume shadow copy service).  Contact our sales team at sales@esilo.com for information on how to upgrade.

How do I change the email address receiving backup notifications?2019-02-20T05:50:20-05:00

To change the email address for backup notifications, you will need to modify the Notifications section of your backup schedule. See this Knowledge Base Article for more information.

How do I update my account information?2019-02-23T01:46:06-05:00

For your security, we do not currently offer web-based account updates, although we plan to add this functionality soon. In the meantime, contact our support team at 800-747-9255 or support@esilo.com.

How do I know if my backup failed or has errors?2019-02-20T05:20:21-05:00

The best way to monitor your backups is to check your email inbox for your Daily Backup Report. Absence of a report could indicate that your backups did not run. If this occurs, you should contact eSilo support and we can help you troubleshoot. If you did receive a report but it has errors, you may also contact eSilo support for help to correct the cause of the error.

How do I know if my backup completed?2019-02-20T05:50:34-05:00

After each scheduled backup completes, a summary report is sent to your email address(es) which details the number of files transferred, any that failed, and any errors encountered.

What are your support hours?2019-02-23T01:47:43-05:00

Our regular office hours are 8am to 5pm Eastern time. During those hours engineers are always available to answer questions or address issues. After-hours support is also available for emergencies such as failed backups or time-sensitive data restores. After-hours technicians can be reached by calling the office at 800-747-9255 and pressing 0 to speak with an operator.

How do I contact support?2019-02-23T01:34:59-05:00

You can reach our friendly, knowledgable support team at 800-747-9255 or by emailing us at support@esilo.com.

How do I recover my password?2020-08-20T15:19:28-04:00

For your security, we cannot recovery your existing passwords, but can reset them for you.  To request a password reset, you may contact our support team at 800-747-9255 or support@esilo.com or click the “Forgot Password” button on the eSilo Backup Portal (https://portal.esilo.com).

What is a redundant data “mirror”?2019-02-20T05:55:16-05:00

A redundant data mirror is an identical (i.e. mirror) copy of your backup data, kept on a physically separate hardware for redundancy. With a redundant data mirror, at least 3 copies of data exist: 1) primary copy on your source systems, 2) primary backup copy on eSilo systems (“Main”), 3) secondary backup copy on eSilo’s systems (“Mirror”).

Is an IT person needed to set up or maintain eSilo?2019-02-23T03:06:11-05:00

Nope. Our engineers are available to help you get setup on eSilo. They will help you create your first backups, schedule them at a convenient time, test them to ensure they work, and even (with your permission) simulate a deleted file and demonstrate a recovery.

How is eSilo different from other competitors?2019-02-23T03:07:29-05:00

There are lots of companies who offer online data backup protection services, however we offer an unparalleled level of personalized customer service that you can’t get from a big name company. We do all of our customer support in house, and all of our technicians and engineers are US-based, native English speakers.

We will never ask you to open a ticket, or put you in a call queue.  We answer the phone (often on the first ring!) and we remember each one of our clients. This level of context and continuity of support has proven invaluable to our clients over the years.

Who is your typical customer?2019-02-23T02:37:59-05:00

We support customers large and small. Our typical customer is a small or medium sized businesses with 1 or more locations (usually <5), and usually <50 employees/computers.

Many of our smaller customers do not have any regular IT support, whether in house or outsourced. This is not a problem however, as eSilo engineers take care of the initial setup and (in some cases) periodic health checks on the backup account.

How do I cancel my service?2019-02-23T02:17:47-05:00

If you signed a contract, you may notify us of your intent to cancel at any time with at least 30 days notice before the contract is set to renew. If on a month to month plan, you may cancel at any time with 30 days written notice due.

What operating systems do you support?2019-02-23T02:17:00-05:00

Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems are supported. See our Downloads page for the full listing.

Why do I need to install software?2019-02-23T02:19:45-05:00

The eSilo Backup software must be installed on each computer or server in order to initiate scheduled backup jobs, and analyze, encrypt and compress files. It also provides a convenient user interface to browse backup files and initiate 1-click restores.

Do I need to install software?2019-02-23T02:20:48-05:00

Yes—You will need to install the eSilo Backup agent on each computer or server you wish to backup.

Do I need to upgrade my hardware?2019-02-23T02:22:00-05:00

If you are running a computer with a supported Operating System (OS) (see Tech Specs for a list of supported OS), you should not need to upgrade your hardware to run eSilo.

Where is my data stored?2019-02-23T02:22:30-05:00

All data backed up with eSilo is stored securely in our data centers.

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