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How eSilo Backup Software Works

Two Storage Options, Same Reliable Software

All our backups are powered by the same great software, eSilo Backup. We install this program on all computers you want to protect, and configure it to automatically backup to your chosen storage location – an onsite server or our offsite cloud.  Here’s how it works:

eSilo Data Backup Storage Options

Choose Where Your Data Is Stored

We offer two options for storing your backups. eSilo Backup Cloud stores your data offsite in our data centers. eSilo Backup Server+Cloud stores backups on a server at your office in addition to our cloud.

Backup CLOUD

For Small or Mid-Size Offices (1-4 PC’s)

A simple program called “eSilo Backup” is installed. Simply choose the files you want backed up, and how frequently. Our software automatically copies them to our company data centers for safe keeping. The entire processes is encrypted and highly secure.

secure onsite and offsite backup solutions - cloud
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For Larger Organizations (4+ PC’s)

A dedicated eSilo Backup Server is installed in your office for fast recovery + a redundant backup copy is automatically saved offsite in our company cloud. Setup & configuration is easy. We pre-configure the server.  You simply unbox it and plug it in.

secure onsite and offsite backup solutions - cloud plus server
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eSilo Storage Options Comparison

General Information

Equipment Software Software + Hardware
Overnight USB Recovery $50 Free
Suitable Computers PC's and Laptops Servers
Unlimited Users
Unlimited PC's / Servers
Online Data Recovery

Features and Benefits

256-Bit Encryption
Incremental Backups
Unlimited Version History
Daily Backup Reports
Restore Anywhere
Store Forever - No Auto-Purge
Dedicated Hardware
Full Equipment Warranty
Backup w/o Internet
Large File Optimization

Customer Support

24/7 US-Based Support
Online Help Videos
Online Knowledge Base Articles
Dedicated Support Engineer

What Others are Saying

Customers and Partners Value Peace-of-Mind

“With eSilo, it doesn’t matter if hackers shut you down.  Your information is backed up in a secure location.  You can get back up and running easily.”
Kevin, Owner & CEO, Offsite Vaults
“I’ve used your software religiously since 2004.  It’s such a comfort to know I can restore lost or deleted files easily – and get back to business.
Mitch, Founder, Club Tax Network, Inc.
“Without eSilo, we would have been shut down for a long time trying to recreate 888 homeowners and all the information that goes with them.”
Rita, Property Manager, Village of Sandalwood Lakes
“You can’t really put a price on protection, once the data is gone, it’s gone. With eSilo, we can go back several weeks and retrieve what we lost.”
“I get a lot of peace of mind from the daily eSilo reports that tell me everything is backed up.”
Robert, Attorney and Partner, Lucas & Cavalier, LLC
“The service makes us feel more protected. I check the email report every morning and can see exactly what eSilo backed up.”
David, Systems Administrator, Elite Island Resorts
“The alternative would have been to backup everything ourselves manually with an external device. eSilo is much simpler. We don’t have to do anything except pay the bill!”
Carol, PhD and Clinical Psychologist
“When the employees delete an important file from their computer that they need, I just call eSilo and they restore it.”
Kelly, Accounting Manager, The Country Club of North Carolina
“I highly recommend eSilo Backup for any country club or business.  It makes my job much easier and is a service I can’t imagine living without.”
Laura, IT Manager, Boca West Country Club
“With you guys it’s just so easy.  You send a backup report everyday and I know I’m protected and everything’s all good.”
“When someone in the Club Industry asks for a recommendation, I only recommend eSilo.”
Mitch, Founder, Club Tax Network, Inc.

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