eSilo Data Backup for Local Governments

Local government agencies are at the heart of the communities they serve.

Your residents expect you to be role models in all aspects of service and disaster management, but it’s complicated. This is where eSilo can help. We’ve partnered with municipal leaders for over a decade, helping them serve and protect their residents using the best of today’s digital tools.

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Data Protection for Local Governments and Their Communities

The eSilo Data Backup solution is available as a locally managed service or as an “as-a-service” model. The combination of a local data center with multi-site cloud storage provides resilience against all types of physical and technological threats and maximum flexibility to meet the needs of your local leaders.

You Don’t Need Technical Know-How to Backup Your Data

We’ll Guide You to the Right Solutions and Set It Up for You

Backup Systems Automatically
Save Time and Effort
Prevent Data Loss
Centrally Maintain Business Data
Maintain Client Policy
Get Expert Help 24/7
Eliminate Human Error

Gain Complete Control Over Your Data

Over nearly 20 years, eSilo has helped thousands of businesses automate and secure their information with data backups. Whether you’re a booming business or a solopreneur, our experts have a solution to match your needs.

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