Secure, Reliable, Recovery. Since 2002

eSilo provides offsite backup and data storage that uses a secured internet connection to archive files, databases and emails in our world-class data centers. eSilo backups are automatic, affordable, incremental and provide you with a solid disaster recovery and business continuity plan. All data backed up with eSilo is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption.



256-bit AES encryption with a unique customer key


Backups are automatic, scheduled and hassle-free


Data is mirrored offsite to our Tier 1 data centers


Keep as many file versions as you want


Live US-based support, 24/7


No hidden fees, pay only for what you store



Online data backup with eSilo is far more reliable and efficient than manual backups, external hard drives, and legacy tape systems.

eSilo's backup technology was designed with security in mind. All data sent to eSilo is encrypted prior to transfer, with a private customer key, and is sent through an encrypted internet connection. We use 256-bit AES encryption for data and communications which is the industry benchmark.

Beyond our technology, what differentiates us is our hands on, concierge support.  We've built our business by catering to the unique needs of small and medium sized businesses.  You can't get this level of support from mass market or consumer-grade tools.

Backup Agents

Standard Edition

Standard edition is designed to backup mapped drives and is normally used on computers, although it can be used on servers. The computer must remain logged in during the backup.

Server Edition

Server edition is the most robust and is recommended for most installations.  Backups will run even if the computer is logged out of Windows.  This edition cannot backup mapped drives.

Exchange Edition

Exchange edition allows you to backup and restore Microsoft Exchange mailboxes and their contents (individual emails, contacts, calendar entries, etc.) without effecting performance.

Linux/Unix Edition

Unix & Linux edition is compatible with Linux kernel 2.2 and above. If your platform is not supported, eSilo can create a custom agent. There is no user interface for this edition which uses conf files and cron jobs.

One-click Backups and Restores

The eSilo backup agent allows you to create and manage backup schedules, view everything you've backed up, and restore one file--or all files--with one simple click.

To create a backup, select the files and folders you want to include (or exclude) on the left.  Files can also be dragged and dropped between the left and right ("Local Files" and "My Silo") windows.

Features of the eSilo backup agent include:

  • Ability to perform an immediate backup ("Backup Now")
  • One-click file or folder recovery ("Restore")
  • Support for multiple users
  • Support for multiple schedules per user
  • Daily backup reports and email notifications
  • Designed for minimal performance impact
  • No disk fragmentation, RAM used for temporary storage

eSilo Storage Silo Tree

On-Site Convenience.

Off-Site Protection.

eSilo offers a suite of server-end licensed software applications allowing you to serve your own backup clients with the optional ability of synchronizing data to one of our facilities or one of your own. Housing your own backup servers allows you to reuse existing storage systems, provides for local (faster) restores and keeps all data within your organization.

SILOServ is the heart of the eSilo Backup System. This is the server-side backup application that eSilo backup agents communicate with. Handling  All authentication, secure connections, archiving logic, volume management, data warehousing and system logging. SILOServ™ is an extremely scalable application that can serve tens of thousands of backup clients simultaneously.

When you purchase a license for SILOServ, our server technicians fully administer, monitor, update and support the server for the life of the license. We do all of this work remotely, providing onsite support if purchased, and have technicians on call 24/7 365. From your perspective, an eSilo server is a device within your network that just works; no administration or configuration is required on your end. eSilo can provide the hardware for the server or you can utilize your own.  Contact  eSilo now to learn more and/or get in touch with a Storage Expert.

SILOServ™  can reuse existing storage within your network as backup volumes. DAS, NAS, SAN or internal storage can be used. Being a heterogeneous application, it can communicate with any device from any vendor. If such storage does not exist, eSilo can provide the required storage or work with you on a storage plan.


SILOSync allows a set of eSilo servers to synchronize data between themselves. SiloServ™ servers are normally configured in sets of two, a master and a remote slave. The purpose is to keep the slave updated throughout the day; similar to replication. The slave is designed to take over as master in the event the master becomes unavailable. SiloSync can also be used to synchronize other data in your network to any location in the world.


SILOManager  is used to manage a running  SILOServ™  server and as well as displays statistics. Some features are:

  • Account listing (reseller enabled)
  • Currently logged in eSilo users
  • Storage Stats for each account and user
  • Billing Information (reseller enabled)
  • Log files
  • Available storage space on server
  • Backup report email displays
  • Account creation

Custom Software & Hardware Solutions:

Every organization has different requirements and different systems running in their networks. eSilo's Software Engineers commonly provide custom features to help integrate with existing systems and communicate with company specific software for backup purposes. We have this ability because eSilo Technology was built by our software engineers and is fully owned and maintained by eSilo. This gives us tremendous flexibility in regards to customizing parts of the eSilo system to suit your organization's needs. Contact us Now with your Custom Requirements.

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Channel Partners

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To utilize the eSilo Backup System, you must have an account with us. To create an account, please contact us. To learn more about each edition, visit our Backup Agents page.

Standard Edition

Server Edition

Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 or Win 7/8/10

22.3 MB - eSiloSetupServer.exe

Exchange Edition

Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 or Win 7/8/10

Exchange 2000/2003/2007/2010

1.9 MB - eSiloExchangeSetup.exe

Linux/Unix Edition

Linux Kernel 2.2 and higher (x86 and x86_64)

Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu, SuSE, Gentoo

1 K - esilolinux.install

Windows Edition Install Notes

To install eSilo Backup for Windows (Standard Edition and Server Edition), simply download the installer and execute it. You will need administrative privileges to install and run eSilo Backup. For information about each edition, visit our Backup Agents page.

Exchange Install Notes

Before using the eSilo Exchange backup application, you must first install the eSilo Backup Windows Server Edition to activate your eSilo account. After activation, you need to "Export Encryption Key" from the eSilo Backup "File" menu and provide this Encryption Key when launching the Exchange backup application for the first time.

Linux Install Notes

After downloading the 'esilolinux.install' script, make sure its executable:
chmod u x esilolinux.install
And then execute it with the following:
This will download the appropriate version of eSilo Backup for your system's architecture and install it to /usr/local/esilo. Please read the README.TXT file located in /usr/local/esilo after running the install script for additional details on how to use the Linux Edition.

Storage Calculator

You can use our storage calculator without an account. This will allow you to select the files and folders you would like to backup and calculate their storage size. To use the storage calculator, download and install the "Standard" or "Server" Edition. After installation, run the application and choose the option for Storage Calculator.

If you would like assistance please Contact us directly.

Thank you for choosing eSilo.