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Real engineers to help you protect your data.

eSilo is an online data backup protection company.  Founded in 2002, we specialize in helping businesses and individuals without IT staff. If you’re looking for hands-on customer support and peace of mind knowing your vital information and business are safe, give our backup & recovery experts a call.

eSilo Backup Solutions

Backup CLOUD

Perfect for entrepreneurs and small or mid-size offices.

A simple program called “eSilo Backup” is installed. Simply choose the files you want backed up, and how frequently. Our software automatically copies them to our company data centers for safe keeping. The entire processes is encrypted and highly secure.

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Best fit for larger organizations with over 1TB of data.

A dedicated eSilo Backup Server is installed in your office for fast recovery + a redundant backup copy is automatically saved offsite in our company cloud. Setup & configuration is easy. We pre-configure the server.  You simply unbox it and plug it in.

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Best Data Backup Solution for Small Business

Why you need an eSilo Backup and Recovery system

  • Business data protection

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Data loss prevention

  • Legal data retention

  • HIPAA/regulatory compliance

  • Client data protection

  • Replace obsolete backup tapes

  • Freedom from backup tasks

  • Peace-of-mind

  • Dedicated support engineer

  • Affordable solutions

  • Automatic, scheduled backups

Threat Protection

Our solutions enable data & disaster recovery

  • Hard drive failure
  • Viruses and ransomware
  • Accidentally deleted files

  • Computer crashes
  • Theft
  • Employee sabotage
  • Disasters including fire, wind & water

Protect My Business

Our Customers

Many Satisfied Customers Across the USA

Companies across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean rely on eSilo’s backup systems to protect their corporate and operational data on a daily basis. We retain clients for an average of 9 years and have been is business since 2002.

We Make Life Easier

Reliable Data Backups Save Time and Money when it Counts

  • No lost files = No downtime

  • No time wasted recreating data

  • No hassling with manual backups

  • No external USB drives to manage

  • Restore lost files in just seconds

  • Daily backup reports show you what’s protected

  • Go back in time with version history

  • Easily recover files to a new machine

Proven Results across Industries

Thousands of Organizations Have Restored Data with eSilo

Whether you’re a solopreneur, franchisee, small or medium-sized business, we have helped organizations like yours prevent catastrophic data loss that would have otherwise crippled their operations.


Private Practices
Health Centers
Medical Billing

Law firms
Solo Practitioners


Accounting & CPA Firms
Insurance Agencies

Travel & Leisure

Country Clubs
Travel Agencies


Consulting Firms
Construction & Tradesmen
Real Estate Agencies


Police, Fire & EMS
Local Government




501(c)(3) Charities
Religious Groups
Home Owner Associations

Client Testimonials

Customers and Partners Agree, eSilo Provides Peace-of-Mind

“You can’t really put a price on protection, once the data is gone, it’s gone. With eSilo, we can go back a couple weeks or a month and retrieve what we lost.”

“With eSilo, it doesn’t matter if hackers shut you down.  You have a secure location with the information backed up.  You can get back up and running.”

Kevin, Owner & CEO, Offsite Vaults

“I get a lot of peace of mind from the daily eSilo reports that tell me everything is backed up.”

Robert, Attorney and Partner, Lucas & Cavalier, LLC

“When the employees delete an important file from their computer that they need, I just call eSilo and they restore it.”

Kelly, Accounting Manager, The Country Club of North Carolina

“The service makes us feel more protected. I check the email report every morning and can see exactly what eSilo backed up.”

David, Systems Administrator, Elite Island Resorts

“The alternative would have been to backup everything ourselves manually with an external device. eSilo is much simpler. We don’t have to do anything except pay the bill!”

Carol, PhD and Clinical Psychologist

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You don’t need technical knowledge to use our backup systems. We’ll know the right solution and handle all the technical stuff for you. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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