eSilo Customer Success Story

eSilo’s Data Backups and Ransomware Recovery services help P&H Interiors recover from attack.

“Without eSilo, I don’t know if we would’ve recovered. We might have failed. It’s too scary to think about what it would have been like if we had not had eSilo.”

– Anne Masciovecchio, Controller, P&H Interiors

Multiple Backups Saves the Day

Name: P&H Interiors

Location: Coral Springs, FL

Industry: Interior Design

Years in Business: 33

eSilo Client Since: 20??

Situation Overview

One day in October, P&H Employees logged into their computers one morning to discover they had been hit with ransomware, a form of malware that encrypts data and holds it hostage for a ransom. The disruption caused by this cyberattack was widespread. Employees could not log into their workstations. Data on the server and computers was inaccessible and unreadable. Work ground to a halt while the FBI, law enforcement, and their outside IT company investigated.

Upon deeper look, it was determined the ransomware was of Russian origin, and it spread to P&H through remote access software used by P&H’s IT company. To compound the issue, the IT company’s local backups were corrupted during the attack.

eSilo’s Approach

Luckily for P&H, they had more than one set of backups. As a long-time eSilo Backup Cloud customer, eSilo had automated and encrypted offsite backups saved nightly, with an additional redundant copy (mirror) available.

While their insurance company and law enforcement gathered forensic evidence from the compromised systems, eSilo began an Emergency Data Center Restore of the P&H data to a removable hard drive and sent it off to their offices.

Days after the attack, P&H had fully restored their systems and business resumed normal operations



$2.5 Million Saved

65,000+ files restored

30+ Years of History Restored

Product & Services Summary

Pre-Event Services:

Post-Event Upgrades:

P&H infrastructure was revamped, and the eSilo relationship grew 500%. An eSilo Linux Backup Appliance was also added to secure local backups.

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