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You may see this error for two reasons. If the paths to the files look like normal Windows paths with a drive letter, such as “K:\eSilo_SQL_Backup\backup.log   No such file or directory” the problem is most likely on the client side.

  1. In most cases, this simply indicates that the file or folder specified was a top-level item selected in the backup schedule and it did not exist at the time the backup ran. You can remove the item from the schedule by clicking the “Show Errors” link in the lower left corner of the Edit Backup Schedule pop-up box (Schedule >> Edit), selecting the items to remove and then clicking “Remove.”
  2. In some cases, this error could be shown when the path of the specified file or folders exceeds 258 characters in length. The way to solve this is to reduce the length of the full path to the items specified, either by moving or renaming the file(s) and/or containing folders.

If the paths to the files look like POSIX paths, such as “/5714/Today/C Drive/AP Vendors   No such file or directory” the problem is likely on the server side and indicates possible corruption in the database table(s) for this particular backup user. Contact eSilo Support (support@esilo.com) to have our engineers perform a full user check which should detect and resolve the problem.

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