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How to Backup Jonas Software

This article provides step-by-step instructions for verifying the location of the Jonas “GJCWIN” folder and adding it to the list of files for the eSilo file-based backup client to protect.

Jonas stores all of it’s data in a folder called GJCWIN. According to the Jonas vendor, there is no underlying RDBMS. In order to safely protect all Jonas data with offsite backups, the GJCWIN should simply be copied to a safe location.  It’s important to note that there can be a GJCWIN folder that is only a copy and not up to date. For this reason the location of the actual GJCWIN folder that is currently in use by Jonas must be verified before selecting it for backup.


Step 1: Verify the location of the Jonas GJCWIN folder.

  1. Login to Jonas with an Administrator account
  2. Go to: System Administration > System Setup > System Parameters > Electronic Audit Archive Directory
  3. Make a note of the path given

Step 2: Add the GJCWIN folder to the eSilo Backup Schedule.

  1. Login to eSilo as the user that should contain the Jonas backup
  2. Go to: Schedule > Edit > Schedule Name
  3. In the left pane choose “Files to Backup”
  4. Click the blue elbow next to “Computer”, this will display the top level locations under “Computer”
  5. Use the the path you noted earlier to find the GJCWIN folder
  6. Click the checkbox next to the GJCWIN folder to select it
  7. Click “Save Changes”
  8. Click “Close”

The Jonas data will be safely backup up at the scheduled time.

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