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Assigning machine names to users

When to follow the steps in this article:

  • This is helpful when managing many PCs or servers with complex and non-descriptive machine names, such as “DESKTOP-XXXXXX” or “WIN-XXXXXXX”.   Follow these steps to clearly identify the machine and its owner, user or business function.
  • Note:  You can’t assign a “nickname” for a machine in the portal per se, but this assignment does make it easier to correlate machines to their purpose in the portal.

Steps  to Follow:

  1. Log into the eSilo Portal at https://portal.esilo.com with your Company Admin credentials
  2. Go to Configuration in the upper right
  3. Go to Portal Users in left menu to see all machines
  4. You can see each machine name listed in the Login column
  5. Check the box next to a machine and click the Edit button
  6. Here you can input the name of the machine’s user, or specify the name of the server or application running on this host.

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