Before we show you how to secure your data, we’d like to start this blog post with a thank you to seasoned small businesses. eSilo is proud to serve you and couldn’t ask for a better character of customers.

I mean, who really knows their customers better than small businesses? You know many of your customers by name, and they know you. It’s about that friendly conversation, or that “have a nice day”, which from a consumer’s perspective, has true meaning and value coming from you. Customers have seen you grow and change, and you’ve seen them do the same.

That small, tight-knit, community-feeling doesn’t come from these giant corporations, it comes from those living not too far down the road, the people who really care about your community because their main focus exists in your community.

And who’s more trusted than small businesses? You’re the people we all nearly see on a daily basis. You’re in reach, and not going anywhere without a kind alert or reminder. We understand what you stand for and we know just where to find you.

Hence, the value small businesses provide is significant. It’s real because it’s personal. We don’t want to lose our beloved friends, and that’s why we’re spreading awareness of an issue harming you all, and why we provide the necessary support to keep you all around.

A Peek Into the Issue

With all these data-security catastrophes we see concerning companies and consumers in the news, it would be unwise to avoid protecting yourself.

Data loss has a much more dire effect on small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) than most think.

According to Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Report, 43% of security breaches happened to small businesses. Large companies are spending big to strengthen their cybersecurity.  Criminals know this, and naturally find it easier to target less sophisticated SMB’s to become their primary prey.

The threat is real, the danger is here. The time is now to build a sturdy, impenetrable barrier and secure your business’s data.

The Truth About Downtime

What you’re risking is your entire business when you choose not to get a data backup solution.

Massachusetts based consulting firm IDC narrows in on all small businesses. Their research sorely shows downtime costs for small businesses ranged between $82,200 and $256,000 for a single data loss incident. In taking this a step further, the average downtime costs for small businesses range from about $2.28 to $7.11 per second!

Wow. These costs are significant and not every business makes it out of downtime. The question you must ask yourself is not if or why you should get a data backup solution… it’s why haven’t you?

Imagine for instance, your accountant lost all your financial information, leaving you without a means to get it back. What would your business do? On top of that, would you trust working with that accountant again, or would you consider switching? Any sort of data failure or data breach causes customers to lose confidence in a business’s services, ultimately leading some or many to leave.

Truth is, without the necessary data our businesses live on – what we use as a basis for all of our immediate and long-term actions and decisions – we would be left paralyzed.

It’s Different Than What You’d Think

You want to preserve your normal business operations; business as usual so to say? Then, a data backup solution is perfect for you.  It just makes living your way better for you, it is protecting you from drastic and unwanted change. It turns your chances of continuing to operate the way you currently are and/or would like to, into a certainty. With an eSilo data backup solution, your data is consistently and securely backed-up, allowing it to be recovered or restored in the event of any unforeseen loss.

In getting a data backup solution, the only change you have to be concerned with is simply the time it takes to install it (5 minutes or less with us). The actual “doing” of the “backup-work” comes from us. Hmmm. So, a slight change now, or a life-altering change in the future that is completely out of your hands (well, it was in your hands the whole time, all you had to do was make the choice to get a data backup solution). To further explain the latter of the two, once your data’s infected, it’s like a cancerous disease spreading over your business, massively disrupting your peace of mind.

You might be thinking “well, I’m fine the way I am” but the truth is – no, you’re not. And it takes somebody who cares to tell you you’re not. The fact is, you’ve just been getting lucky, and unfortunately – as all gamblers know – your luck eventually runs out. You want to be the person behind the table who plays his or her cards right – bases decisions off of the information around you, the facts, the DATA. The key is to eliminate risks, and a data backup solution does just that.

Don’t be Misled. Secure Your Data

We’re not saying to go buy virtual reality goggles/glasses and walk around your business hitting walls like an ecstatic zombie. We see businesses and people spend incredible amounts of money on technology, but they’re spending it in the wrong places, and in the wrong order. The foremost important element to technologically-modernizing, especially in this day and age (and it’s so sneaky/hidden), is securing your data – your information.

Remember: Data is information, information is knowledge, and knowledge is power. Say you don’t get a data backup solution and are wounded by data loss. You’ll be like a power-outed business lacking an emergency generator.

Secure your data with a backup solution so you can continue to secure the hearts and minds of consumers with the special, personal attachment and care your small business provides.

Act or Ignore

If you don’t change your ways, your ways will change you. In kinder words, if you’ve yet to get a data backup solution for your business, we highly advise doing so because it sure is necessary protection.

Obtaining a data backup solution is the prime example of modernizing (let’s just call it what it is… upgrading) for the better – where it counts the most. Get your first month of security free here.

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