With any action, there is a positive or negative consequence. Negative consequences can have disastrous results if there’s no cushion to soften the blow. Thankfully with a good backup solution, accidentally deleting that confidential file is no longer a disaster. With the backup acting as a cushion, it can mean the difference between the security & protection of your business’s valuable data or a critically shaken foundation.

The question isn’t whether your business can withstand a shaken foundation, but can you afford to have the foundation shaken? Compare this to an unlocked safe with a million dollars, and a robber can access it easily. As the classic portrayal of a robber has it, they threaten until they’ve received their desired outcome. Similarly in the IT world, these robbers are known as hackers that launch ransomware attacks. Researchers found the average ransom paid was $170,404 in 2021. Not to mention, only 65% of the data withheld was restored by the hackers. Hackers have no remorse. They will not follow through on any promises they’ve guaranteed.

Ransomware attacks can be costly upfront, but in the long term as well. As a consequence of ransomware attacks, downtime will occur. The dreaded downtime is at any point when a business is not running due to internal issues such as ransomware attacks. According to Gartner, the average cost of downtime is $5,600 per minute! Add that on top of a ransom paid to the hackers, and your business lost thousands. Time really can be as valuable as money.

It’s no surprise that humans are not perfect. The errors are endless in possibilities: accidental destruction of a laptop, deleting a file, to a coffee spill. (Are you re-thinking having that caramel macchiato near your device?) Netwrix Research found that human error is the leading cause of data loss 50% of the time—a startling percentage. It’s common to have human error. Now, society has gradually begun opening again after almost two years of remote work. It wouldn’t be uncommon for a laptop to break while traveling to and from work.

Don’t get too comfortable, now.

It can be assumed all the above could never happen or that your business is fit to withstand. But, it can happen if there is no backup solution. Global ransomware attacks in the first half of 2021 totaled a destructive number of 304.7 million, according to SonicWall. As the number of ransomware attacks increases, protection against cyberattacks is essential for any business. Recently, the White House released a memo regarding cybersecurity and ransomware. The White House emphasized the importance of having several forms of cybersecurity. It’s apparent, implementing a backup solution in businesses should be a priority. To reiterate, it’s as if having a million dollars in an unlocked safe and the robber only has to turn the knob to access it. It is unsafe and could spell disaster for any business, but a backup solution can soften the blow.


What should a good backup solution include? 

1. Automatic encryption of your data

The thousands of hours of hard work put into a business is timeless, precious, and typically tangible files. Often, the files are the building blocks of your business and are crucial to keeping it running. A good backup solution will encrypt those files to prevent the data from being leaked, stolen, or accessed by a third party. Encryption is a security guard, so no longer can a hacker hold data hostage and demand a ransom.

2. Capacity to store data on or off-site

Hotels often have safes in their rooms to protect your valuable items. Similarly, wherever you go, a good backup solution will keep your data secured, stored, and easily accessible at any time. Not only that, but a good backup solution will create additional copies of your data. Luckily, there’s a second copy safely located on or off-site.

3. Ability to easily recover lost information

Everyone has lost their car keys at some point and spent valuable time to find them. How easy would it be to snap your fingers and, ta-da, the keys appear in your hand? A good backup solution puts that power in your hands. A deleted pitch deck can come back in an instant, and no longer do you need to be in wasted downtime to recreate it. The restorative properties of a backup solution can eliminate downtime and put time back into your business. Another example: the goal of ransomware attacks is to be malicious. Their sole purpose is to scramble your data so it is unreadable. The fate of the company ultimately rests in their hands. But, it doesn’t have to with a good backup solution because its restorative properties will wipe the slate clean. It would be as if a ransomware attack never occurred. The fate of your business will always rest in your hands.


A business puts in thousands of hours of hard work so it can be successful. Do not let ransomware, human error, and/or downtime put that on hold. A backup solution can prevent or soften those three devils–and more–from occurring. Invest in a good backup that encrypts, stores, and restores your data. So then, your business can run smoothly no matter the circumstance.